Education Pack


An education pack for secondary level school students showcasing the importance of advanced materials in our everyday lives. This education resource links with Science, Art and Design and Sustainability Studies.


The pack is divided into three parts, starting with activities which explore the need for advanced materials. The second part moves on to discovering different types of advanced materials and the third section shows how students can get involved themselves. The sections and activities in this pack have been prepared in such a way that a teacher and students can either work work through from beginning to end or can select the topics and activities that are most relevant to their area of study.

The pack includes worksheets and teacher notes, and refers to other educational materials produced within the Stimulate Materials Future project: the story ‘Max and Lily’s Adventures’; the game ‘Materials Hunter’ and a selection of film clips. All of these can be accessed on the website.

This pack is aimed at students aged 14 -17. It has been created for use across all EU countries and for this reason it does not include any specific curriculum links. However the activities aim to enhance understanding and link with topics in the subjects Science and Technology, Art and Design and Sustainability Studies.

By completing the activities in this pack students will:

  • Understand what advanced materials are and be able to identify several types;
  • Understand the importance and potential of advanced materials for a sustainable future;
  • Understand more about studying and working in the field of science and technology.