There is no goodbye

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There is no goodbye

Lily was sitting in her seat, pensive and a little sad. She was never good at goodbyes and she didn’t want their trip to end. Max was trying to cheer her up by telling silly jokes. In the end, he decided to try a new strategy. He took from his pocket his favourite tablet, unrolled it and switched it on. He grinned.

“5 Terabytes of photos will certainly cheer you up!” he said. Lily looked over his shoulder and saw themselves eating ice cream in Italy, swimming in the Greek islands, strolling around Paris, playing with the ducks at London’s Hyde park, shopping in Barcelona and having fun in Amsterdam. “It has been quite a journey” she said, trying to smile.

“From graphene to photovoltaics, from batteries to fuel cells, from structural colouring to artificial photosynthesis, from 3D printing to drug delivery, our world is changing and developing. It becomes more efficient, more environmentally friendly, more sustainable.  It is actually becoming a better place” Max said.

“And you know what? You and I are part of this never-ending scientific evolution. So, as far as I am concerned, there is no goodbye! There are many many more things to discover and invent and I am looking forward to it. Aren’t you?”