A great deal of work in the field of Advanced Materials is taking place nowadays in every corner of Europe. Advanced Materials are the cornerstone of the technologies shaping the sustainable societies of tomorrow. But how many of our fellow citizens are actually aware of this work and its importance?

We aim to… 

  • Communicate the advanced materials science to the public
  • Unravel the significance of the advanced materials to everyday life
  • Highlight that advanced materials are our allies for a sustainable future!

We can achieve this easier if the Materials Science Community gets involved in public outreach activities and presents the importance of its work to the local public!

WHO can contribute?


If you have you worked with Advanced Materials as a student, a researcher, an engineer, a professor etc then you are probably better positioned than others to join our cause... 

Why get involved? 

Because Science is the only way to solve serious problems!

  • Το help your community and your students create a sustainable future based on scientific knowledge.
  • To promote your research or your group/university/research institute/company to the general public.


How ? 

Simple. Use the films, game and educational material that you find in this page. They are free!

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