Bionic Prosthetic Limbs (extended)


Mind-controlled arm prostheses that “feel” are now a part of everyday life. Watch the mini movie below to learn more. 

For the first time, people with arm amputations can experience sensations of touch in a mind-controlled arm prosthesis that they use in everyday life. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine reports on three Swedish patients who have lived, for several years, with this new technology – one of the world’s most integrated interfaces between human and machine.


More specific topics:

1. Feeling with the bionic prosthesis:


2. Living in Northern Sweden with a mind controlled bionic prosthesis:


3. Living with a bionic prosthesis:


4. Robot prosthesis in Hollywood vs. Reality:


5. How the brain reacts to an artificial limb:


6. The scientist's own story:



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