Reach.Out! 2016 Winners

E-MRS Spring Meeting 2014


Prof. Rodrigo Martins, Past President of E-MRS Senate, awarded the following winning activities with their prizes:

1st prize: "Science Slam" represented by Kishan Thodkar from the University of Basel in Switzerland
More information on the activity here
Watch the video here

2nd prize: "" represented by Mehdi Keshavarz Hedayati & Babak Mozooni from the University of Kiel in Germany
More information on the activity here

3rd prize: "NanoTechnology to the School: Students Exploit Materials" represented by Vassilios Binas from the University of Crete and FORTH in Greece
More information on the activity here
Watch the video1 here / Watch the video2 here


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@elenischool Advanced #Materials are the basis for #EEG (Electroencephalography) electrodes. #Play Materials Hunter…
20. jul 18 09:17:56
Choose the correct #materials, a simple printer and there you go:
19. jul 18 10:27:35
RT @nanomagazine: High-tech dentures—fighting bacteria with nanotechnology
18. jul 18 14:17:36
@Nanowerk One of the pioneers in #solar #cell #technology talks about his work:
17. jul 18 08:39:38
Smart #membrane #technology creates #sponges that release #water only when needed.
16. jul 18 13:55:51